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Why Clash Of Clans Is The Ultimate MMO?

Where victory and defeat are two sides of the same coin, where the mighty fall and rise seamlessly and where many great minds plot endlessly is a world that many aspire to rule- the world of the Clash of Clans! This multiplayer extraordinaire has been around since August 2012 on the iTunes store and was made available on Android in October 2013. The MMO that was developed by Supercell, quickly rose to fame and became the hot favourite of many a die-hard player. And indeed it had to, for the game is full of fun and excitement and also packs in surprise elements that will completely blow your mind-off.

This MMO is a strategy game that lets players build their own community, train troops and expand their villages. It also lets the player earn elixir and gold, in addition to Dark Elixir by attacking other players. The elixir and gold play an important role in providing protection from enemy attacks. These elements also help strengthen one’s troops and to upgrade them along the way. An unmatched defense strategy supported by reliable protection techniques is what you need to emerge victorious.

What’s more, this intriguing MMO game gets more and more interesting and exciting with every new level. When you begin to start training your troops, you start with Tier #1 which comprises of Goblins, Archers and Barbarians. When you get to Tier #2, there are members of slightly stronger troops which include Wizards, Balloons, Giants and Skeletons. And Tier #3 only gets better as you have the Dragoons and Healers at your service. Also, if you reach substantially high levels in the game, Dark Elixir Troops and Heroes are your best defense buddies. You’re sure to take the game away from any players with your impeccable game planning.

To go to the next level, a player also needs to successfully build gold and elixir storages. Collected elixir and gold is to be saved in these storages respectively. In Clash of Clans the elixir plays an important role in the construction of buildings, especially those buildings that help attack other players. Gold, on the other hand, is important to build buildings for defense. And once you’re content with working on the elixir and the gold, you can proceed to higher levels. You can then happily indulge in the joys of the Clash and Clans game and begin to collect dark elixir. This potent substance can be used train and upgrade to the indestructible dark elixir troop.

As if this were not enough, the game is filled with multiple secrets and suspense elements all throughout. You get to “Revenge” the destruction of your village while your enemy is away and cast killer spells like the Lightning spell to get even. There’s also the single player campaign which you must excel in, in order to get ahead in the game. And somewhere in between you can save the campaign for the final big push! To find out, you simply have to download the latest version of Clash of Clans and get gaming! Also check Attack Strategy and Defense Strategy

for Clash of Clans.