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Defense Strategy of Clash of Clans

If you want to learn about defense strategy of Clash of clan, you need to look to following points.

New Player

 You don’t need to worry about you buildings they would come back.
 You don’t need to worry about losing any structure – only gold and elixir.
 You have been attacked when you login to the game but in 20 second your buildings will be powered back.
 Just careful about gold and elixir.

Grid Tutorial

 You can see a highlighted area near your village and cannot be attacked within that area.
 You should not leave any holes by placing structure at wrong place.

Edge of screen

 You need to defend from all directions and save yourself.
 If you think you would save by building your village at edge of screen then you cannot save yourself from enemy.
 You need to look closely about clash of clans Edge of screen strategy.

Weapons and buildings

 You need to get all type weapons for ground or air attacks.
 You need to build village close together for maximum protection.

Important about Town Hal

 Town hall is important part of Clash of Clans Defense Strategy.
 If you are not pro player , you don’t have any concern with trophies but you are interested in farming gold and elixir.
 You can give a chance to attackers by placing town hall outside. They would destroy it and get a victory and you would save your gold and elixir.
 Place storage, mines and pumps outside the wall. Your enemy would destroy it and you’ll get longer shield.

Training the army

 You need to fill your army camps with attacking army before you logout




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