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Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

If you want to learn about attack strategy of Clash of Clans, you need to look to following points.

Set your goals

 The most important part of Clash of Clans Attack Strategy.
 Attacking strategy depends upon your goals.
 You want to get maximum amount of gold and elixir or you want to get maximum amount of trophies.
 First we would cover how to grab maximum amount of trophies then we would look to get gold and elixir.

Win the battles

 To win the trophies, you need to win the battle.
 In multiplayer game you win by destroying the enemy base above 50%.
 You can win by destroying the town hall of enemy.
 Do more damage and win more trophies.

Troop selection

 Selection of troop is first step of your Clash of Clans attack strategy.
 If you select the best troop in multiplayer battles, your chances to win increase.
 Each troop type is specific for different buildings attack.
 Goblins are best for gold and elixir.
 Giants are best for defense.
 Wallbreakers are best for walls.
 Archers and Wizard attack everything.
 Wallbreakers, Giants, Archers and Goblins create best combination.


 To find best positions where you can attack builders hut, barracks and storage. You need place Archers peripherally.
 To destroy towers and canons, Archers and Wizards are most effective.
 All basis are created in different way with the help of different defensive arrangements, which are most effective in different circumstances  Search the undefended or poorly defended base By hitting the next button.
 When you are looking for trophies this is very important because you need to destroy the town hall or destroy 50% of your enemies.

Gold and Elixir farming Strategy

 Gold and elixir is currency in Clash of Clans.
 You can get more gold by farming.
 You can get steal gold from an enemy.
 Gold and elixir is used to fund new units and buildings.
 Gold and elixir can also be used to upgrades in game.
 Keep your trophies down to get maximum gold and elixir.
 Less trophies mean weak enemy or lower level player.
 With the help of Giants, Goblins and Wallbreakers, you can farm gold in Clash of Clans when you are at comfort level.
 Goblins collect gold and elixir which giants distract the defense.
 During farming the gold your approach should not to win the game. You only need to maximize the gold and elixir and you can also lose the battle.



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